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Brow Lift

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Who Can Get a Brow Lift?

Brow lift surgery can refresh signs of aging around the eyes, especially drooping skin, falling eyebrows, and wrinkles. Other procedures, like Botox, chemical peels, and fat transfers, may help to alleviate these concerns; however, for some men and women, a brow lift is the best method. The brow lift surgery can be combined with a facelift if desired.

The Brow Lift Procedure

Dr. Sadeghi will determine whether a coronal brow lift or subcutaneous lift will work best for you. A coronal lift involves an incision across the very top of the face, near the hairline. Skin and muscle are then gently pulled up to reduce sagging and drooping in the brow area.

Risks of the Brow Lift Procedure

Because skin is reattached near the hairline with a coronal brow lift, some patients find that the scar is not completely hidden by their hairline. There is also a risk of developing numbness in the scalp. Some patients experience a raised hairline. Patients should note that a brow lift won’t correct for extra eyelid skin. However, Dr. Sadeghi can correct that with a different procedure. You can find before and after pictures in our patient gallery, or browse testimonials to see the results of other patients’ brow lift surgeries.

Recovering From Your Brow Lift

As you recover from your procedure, your forehead may be taped or bandaged to minimize swelling. Keeping your head elevated, and avoiding strenuous activity, will help your surgical site heal more quickly. Initial healing usually takes from 10 days to two weeks. Most patients are easily able to return to their normal routines after two weeks.

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“Dr. Sadeghi is a true class act. He’s extremely knowledgeable, meticulous and passionate about his work and it shows. I was so nervous when I first consulted with him, but he made me feel so comfortable and really worked with me in regards to the outcome I wished to achieve. Throughout the consult/surgery/post-op process, he always showed the utmost respect for me and assured me that we were going to achieve the most natural results as possible (which was very important to me). I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon - whether it be reconstructive or cosmetic. He knows his stuff and will help make you feel like the best version of yourself!”


“Great staff!! So caring! Dr. Sadgehi is amazing! He took such good care of me! I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the results of my surgery! 100% recommend him if you wanna have any work done! You won’t be disappointed!!”.


“Dr. Sadeghi is leading the industry with cutting edge technology. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. EM-Sculpt is what I use, just before a photo shoot or that weekend beach trip. If you haven’t been to see Ali yet and are looking to just feel better in your own skin, then get over there!”.


“Dr. Sadeghi and his team were so friendly and professional. The lady at the front desk kept checking in and updating me letting me know when I was next. He took his time and delivered the results I wanted. Very happy! This was my first experience and I will definitely be back!”.


“Dr. Sadeghi and his staff are THE BEST! They are very sweet and welcoming. Dr. Sadeghi gave me exactly what I asked for with fillers. Great experience and will definitely be back!”.



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